May 17, 2010: Finally a Day Off, Sort Of

I still have to work today but at least I don’t have class or a certificate validation that has to be done today.  Small victories.

Went to work and came home to visit the family during lunch.  Today, I decided, I need to just relax a bit and so my spare time was spent starting a new character in Dragon Age: Origins rather than doing extra work.  I really needed the time to just unwind.

I made it several hours into the game today.  I am probably at the three hour mark at the end of the day and am past the intro portion of the game and am no longer playing the “unique” bit that is unique just to the one character.  Dominica watched me play the entire intro as that part is a lot like a movie and there are six unique multi-hour intros to be played in the game.  She has played two of them already herself and so she really wanted to see this one that I am playing.  My character is the poor, city-dwelling elf character.  I don’t expect that I will play the game more than once whereas she is playing it all the way through at least twice if not more.

So far I am liking the game quite a bit.  I’m surprised that Dominica loves it as much as she does but it is definitely a fun game.  The game really does not require any amount of “action” response even though battles are real time, unlike Oblivion or Fable.  She does not enjoy that aspect of those (and really, I don’t either) so that may be why she likes this game as much as she does in comparison to those.

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