May 18, 2010: Date Night at La Cima

I feel so much better today knowing that I have completed those two huge, looming tasks that I had on my plate.  Tomorrow Dominica and Liesl are planning on heading down to Houston for almost a week so today is our last day together.

Today was the Microsoft 2010 Launch Event in Dallas.  I went in early this morning getting there around eight and was there all day.  I did the MSDN Developer track to learn about the new features and stuff available in Visual Studio 2010.  Also got to see some cool Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 features which will be very nice when they release.

After I got home from work this evening we decided that we wanted to go out tonight for dinner at La Cima.  We have our monthly “dinner for two” to use before the end of the month and with Dominica being gone for a week we thought that tonight would be the perfect time to use it.

So we got dressed up and off to La Cima we went.  It was nice getting to use our free meals – that meant all out four course meals for us!  It was a great dinner.  Dominica got the southwest salmon which I had last week and loved.  I got the swordfish which was really amazing.  It was a great, and very filling, dinner.  We really enjoyed it.  Getting to go out like this twice a month as part of our membership is really cool.  We will be trying this in Houston soon as well.

Whenever we go out to La Cima, Liesl is pretty much asleep on the very short ride home.  So it is straight off to bed for her.  I played a little Dragon Age: Origins and then it was off to bed for me as well.

Dominica’s laptop has been out of commission for a few weeks now.  It got something sticky spilled into it one day followed by a cup of coffee one or two days later.  She got a replacement keyboard and tried to fix it herself a few days later but accidentally broke a connector on the motherboard.  So she decided to just let HP warranty center handle it (they just charge if we broke it ourselves but they still do the work) and today we spoke to them and released it to be worked on.  Hopefully she will have it back soon.

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