May 21, 2010: Soar Throat and Programming

It’s Friday, whoo hoo.  I went into work this morning, my throat still very soar and I am barely able to talk.  It was a very long day in the office and I was pretty exhausted by the time that it was done.  Of course, while having a soar throat, it was one of those days when absolutely everyone felt the need to call me on the phone to talk rather than simply emailing me what they needed me to do.

I came home during lunch to take care of Oreo, of course, and got home after work as soon as I could.  I spent the evening at home.  I managed to get Visual Studio 2010 Professional downloaded and installed and spent the evening playing with C# which I have not used in some time.  This has been a development heavy week after validating the ASP.NET 3.5 exam and then spending an entire day learning about current .NET development practices.

I played just a little Dragon Age: Origins this evening as well.  I could not stay up very late, though, as I have to be up and working early tomorrow morning.

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