May 20, 2010: Losing My Voice

Having it be just Oreo and I at home last night made for an opportunity to get some serious sleep for the first time in a very long time.  I miss my family but it is good to get some rest.  I have been very run down lately.

Off to work today and La Cima for lunch.  Came home twice to walk Oreo.  This evening was my one day to truly relax.  I pretty much just spent it playing Dragon Age: Origins and hiding away from the world.  I am making some real progress on that game and enjoying it.  It has been at least six months since I had a chance to play a video game except for the three hours of Final Fantasy XIII that I managed to squeeze in when it first released.

The XKCD blog has an awesome post on colours that people need to take the time to read.

I have a really sore throat today. I got it from the MSDN show on Tuesday.  I drank Starbucks all day and had nothing to eat until dinner time and it really tore up my throat.  I can barely talk at all today.

This evening I got a chance to talk to Ramona in China for a while.  Haven’t heard from her in quite a while so it was great to get to catch up.

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