May 23, 2010: Building a New Router

My throat seems to be doing just a little bit better today.  Fortunately yesterday it was pretty easy to take the entire day and talk to no one whatsoever.  Oreo is pretty happy if I never say a thing so we pretty much just left it that way.

I am working as usual on Sunday so there was plenty to be done.  When I wasn’t working for the office I snuck in some serious Dragon Age: Origins time and managed to get pretty far along in the game.  There are several really key “sections” of the game and I have completed the Dalish elves, much of the introduction, many sidequests, all of the downloadable content (except for the Awakening expansion and the brand new Darkspawn Chronicles that we have no downloaded yet) and am very far along on my quest for the sacred ashes.  Dominica will be very proud when she sees my progress.

Most of my day, however, was spent working on a Vyatta router and attempting to set it up for OpenSSL VPN access.  That turned out to be a major problem because I was running a beta of the router software and I ended up having to build a completely new, production release router and start the entire router configuration from scratch.  So that turned into no small project.  Easily eight to ten hours of work.  At the end, though, I have an awesome, stable Vyatta router running the latest software and running a robust OpenVPN installation that is working great.

Dominica and Liesl return from Houston tomorrow after work.  Oreo is looking forward to not having to be alone all through the day on weekdays.  I guess my chance to make extreme progress in Dragon Age: Origins is now over, however.

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