May 24, 2010: Home Sick with Soar Throat

I was woken up this morning to a rather unpleasant twenty minute raving phone call which was not at all how I was hoping to start my day.  The moment that I was out of bed and on the phone it was apparent that I had no voice at all and it was all that I could do to make a sound.  Apparently it is going to be one of those days.

It was already later than I wanted it to be as well.  I guess that my throat went from “almost better” to “really bad” during the night and now I am in horrible shape.  I emailed into the office and let them know that I was staying home.  Being in the office would just mean that people would be trying to talk to me all day and I wouldn’t have as good access to water and hot beverages needed to keep my throat in good condition.

Dominica and Liesl left Houston fairly early this morning to head back up to Irving.  They are expected to arrive mid-afternoon.

I had originally thought that I would have to go see a doctor about my throat but by around noon it started to improve a bit.  I am pretty sure that what happened was that my CPAP mask came loose during the night which always gives me a horribly soar throat and post-nasal drop for forty-eight hours.  It is only because I have been fighting this other throat problem for nearly a week that I assumed that this morning’s issue was related to that.

I was quite productive today, being home will do that, and at lunch I was able to relax and play more of Dragon Age: Origins – my final window of video gaming freedom.  I am probably thirty-six hours into the game at this point and very much entrenched in the storyline.  I definitely do not like DAO as much as Dominica does.  It may be her favourite video game of all time although she admits that Fable II is likely better.  She thinks that it is way better than Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, however, which I do not think is true at all.  I feel like DAO’s gameworld is vastly more shallow even though there is some really cool party-member storyline and interaction stuff and some great main character development and backstory stuff that Oblivion doesn’t touch.

The girls arrived late afternoon and we were able to spend the evening hanging out together.  The pickings in the kitchen are extremely slim as it was pretty much bare when they left to go to Houston and I have been picking through the remains, since I didn’t have a car, ever since they left.  On top of eating all of the available food, save for some frozen fish, the microwave died last night leaving me with one less means of easily making food.  That microwave is under a month old too!

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