May 26, 2010: Grey Comes to Irving

We have still not heard anything about the rental offer on our house so we can pretty safely assume that that is not going to come through.  Oh well, we were pretty excited about it but it is better to hold out and get a reasonable price than to buckle and commit to a long-term loss scenario now.  Too bad, though, we were really hoping to be able to deal with cleaning it out and getting it ready for move-in this week.  That would have made it possible for us to buy another vehicle which we really need right now.  We don’t actually need another vehicle as much as we need a much larger one.

Off to work early this morning.  Boy is it warm.  The late-spring heat has really set in here in Texas and we are in the mid-nineties all week long.  I only really mind it when I am walking to and from the office.  That tends to get me pretty warm.  It is extra bad because there is a huge dip in between the two locations so no matter where I am going there is always a significant climb right at the end with little opportunity to cool down before arriving.  There is also no shade between the two leaving me very exposed the entire time that I am walking.

The AIX crew from work and I hit La Cima for lunch today. I was there for lunch just yesterday but I do love the buffet and the chance to relax.  So the three of us went and had a nice time.  I get the buffet now regularly.  The deal is just way too good to pass up.  The dining room was packed too.  Very encouraging.  I also grabbed lunch for Dominica and dropped it off for her on my way back to the office.  Since Liesl completely sleeps through my entire lunch period it isn’t so bad when I run out to lunch with the office crowd.

My friend from work moved into our apartment building today.  She is living one apartment away from being the farthest point in the building from us so she is still a rather significant walk away even though we are in the same building.  She is not only the farther point horizontally in the building but as she is on the first floor and we are on the top floor she is also the maximum vertical distance from us.

Just before leaving work this evening, my friend Grey from Denver shot me an email to say that he was in Dallas for the next few days.  Grey and I know each other from the SpiceWorks community and we hung out quite a bit down at SpiceWorld 2009 where we had met up at the opening night social event.  He was able to escape the office around the same time as me so we had him meet us over at the club for dinner.

After work this evening I came home and then we headed right out to go to La Cima for our usual pasta night.  Grey beat us by a few minutes but we coordinated pretty well.  He seemed to be pretty impressed by the club.  I checked and there are no ClubCorp clubs in all of Colorado, quite surprising, so this is not a type of club that he is too used to having.  It was an extremely busy night in the dining room too.  I actually had issues getting reservations because it was so busy.  We are very happy about that – once the club is turning people away that means that they must be making money just fine and not in any sort of risk situation.  The market tends to impact places like this pretty heavily so we were concerned but the flow seems to be pretty healthy.

We had a really nice time hanging out with Grey, but Liesl was pretty tired and got awfully fussy towards the later part of dinner.  I took her out for a long time playing at the water fountain out front and that kept her kind of entertained but she was not very happy with that situation and was only happy while actually playing in the water and getting herself all wet with stale fountain water.  Eww.

Liesl was asleep before we even made it home so it was straight off to “night night” with her.  Then some Dragon Age: Origins for us and off to bed ourselves.

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