May 27, 2010: Gearing Up for the Weekend

The heat wave continues.  Not too much going on at the office today.  Walked in, home for lunch.  A lot of people are out as of today for the long weekend.  I am stuck covering so no long weekend for me, but I will get a comp day next week sometime, or possibly the week after, which will be very nice.  I’d honestly prefer to work Monday and take another day off.  Breaks up the monotony a bit more that way.

After work I ended up running over to La Cima to meet up with Grey for drinks.  We just hung out in the lounge, which I almost never get to do, and enjoyed bar snacks and a few drinks.  The lounge was basically empty all night but there were private parties going on here and there.  We had a nice time visiting for about two hours then it was off to home for me and back to work for him.

So we learned tonight that Grey, like us, has been to Warwick Castle in central England which is pretty amazing because it is not really a tourist destination for Americans at all and is not well known outside of the United Kingdom.  He is actually friends with the armorer who made the “hands on” demonstration armor that they use there!  What a crazy coincidence.

I had enough free snacks from the club that I just skipped dinner.  Dominica ate at home.  Lots of Dragon Age: Origins tonight.  With both Dominica and I playing that game and being at nearly the same point in it it is pretty interesting to see the progress.

What amazes me about Dragon Age is just how different Dominica and my games are.  We are playing completely different characters and taking very different approaches to much of the problem solving in the game.  She is always amazed that my characters survive at all with the way that I play and I find her game to be much less interesting.  It is very cool that the game lets us play so differently.  It makes it a lot more fun.

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