May 28, 2010: Liesl’s Checkup and the Weekend Begins

Another hot day.  I walked to work this morning – far too late to make me happy so I was out in the blazing sun again.  I really need to start getting up and running out the door in the morning to beat the insane heat that develops far too early here in Texas.  That still leaves me without a plan for lunch but at least I could start the day without getting cooked on the way to work.

I came back home for lunch.  Liesl napped and we ate and played half an hour or so of Dragon Age: Origins.  Then I logged in and worked from home for an hour before we took Liesl across the street to her doctor’s appointment.  Just a checkup, nothing bad.  She got two shots today which she was not happy about at all.  All of her stats came back quite good.  She is completely healthy and development is in great shape.

The doctor did tell us that it was past time to eliminate the bottle, however.  This is going to be rough.  Liesl loves her bottle and uses it to go to sleep at night – which, of course, is part of the issue as that is really bad for her teeth.  So we need to start developing a plan to get Liesl off of the bottle.  So much for getting regular sleep.

Dominica dropped me at work after the doctor’s appointment and then she and Liesl went right out to go grocery shopping to get the kitchen restocked.  The market closed early today as it is a holiday weekend.  So the Friday night work wrapped up on the early side and at five thirty Dominica and Liesl were able to swing past the office and picked me up so that I did not have to drive home in the heat.

We spent the evening relaxing – lots of Dragon Age: Origins.  Mostly me tonight.  Dominica did run out and do some errands that left me in charge of Liesl for the evening.  This is very odd for me.  I’m always involved but I never take her through her entire bed time routine alone.  Tonight I got to get her all ready and get her tucked in and off to sleep before Dominica even got home.  Dominica was pretty surprised when she got home and Liesl was fast asleep.  She figured that being home with me would have meant that she would be staying up late.  It was very nice getting an entire evening for Liesl and I to just hang out together.

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