May 30, 2010: Finally Caught Up

Liesl had a rough night last night like she has the last two nights.  Not having her bottle in the middle of the night is tough and she is so used to waking up in the middle of the night, getting a bottle and going back to sleep that this is causing some serious interruptions.

I slept in quite a bit this morning.  Dominica was up baking by the time that I got out of bed.  It might have been as late as nine thirty.  Liesl gets up no later than seven or seven thirty at a stretch so she had been up watching Dora the Explorer for a while before I got up.

I spent the day closing tickets, installing OpenVPN, writing web copy, working on a little web design, answering questions on SpiceWorks, etc.  It was a rather busy day.

Liesl and I hung out a ton today, just as we did yesterday.  She has really missed me and makes a point of spending a lot of time with me.  She loves coming in to the office and just sitting on my lap at the desk.  Today she really started using the mouse just like it is supposed to be used.  She was watching the mouse pointer move around the screen and everything!  She is really coming along quickly.

Liesl’s favourite book is a picture book of baby animals.  She makes me read it to her many times a day.  She sits on my lap and we look through the pictures identifying all of the animals.  She points and their eyes, ears and noes and says what they are.  She is very good at identifying facial components.  At one point she pointed to a panda’s feet and said “shoes.”

Liesl’s vocabulary is really getting developed.  When we were at the doctor’s office on Friday they had wanted to know if she knew four words.  Four!  Ha.  She must know forty if not one hundred.  She only rarely puts several words together but she says many, many different words.  And for several weeks she has been understanding pronoun transforms – I say “you”, she repeats “I”.  She knows tons of animals, animal sounds, body parts, food items, toys, people and animal names, character names, etc.  I would be very hard pressed to even guess how many words she must know at this point.

I took Oreo out this afternoon and was hit with a wave of heat like I was stepping into a blast furnace.  It must have hit one hundred degrees here today.  I took him for a thirty minute walk around three and during the walk I could feel the temperature dropping.  When we got in from our walk it had dropped to ninety seven degrees with a heat index of ninety eight.  The record for this date was one hundred and two so I am guessing that we must have been very close to setting a new record.

Surprisingly, I have pretty much adapted to the temperatures of Texas and it did not really feel all that hot to me. In fact, it was a really nice temperature for a walk with Oreo.  We took the long way going all the way around the complex which he enjoys.  It was perfect pool weather and the swimming pool was packed with people today.

We made a run to the storage unit again today.  We took back three boxes and picked up two more.  Not a large haul today but every little bit makes a difference.  We just have to pick away at it.  While we were at the storage unit a short rain storm broke out.

We stopped at McDonald’s on the way home to grab dinner.  Quick and easy for tonight.

Dominica spent the evening playing Dragon Age: Origins.  I only played maybe forty minutes all day today.  She managed to get in many hours.  She went from being a little behind me (on her second time through the main game) to being many hours ahead of me now.  She played until well after midnight.

I am very excited that SGL is finally caught back up as of today!  What a relief.  And with tomorrow being a holiday there is a very real possibility that I will be able to keep up tomorrow as well.

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