June 1, 2010: Sneaky Liesl

Liesl got me up at six thirty this morning.  It was probably best as I needed to get ready and get into the office.  I have been sleeping in far too much recently.

I made it into the office around eight.  It was a very slow morning.  I guess many people are still out from the long weekend and people are slow getting back around to doing work.  No complaints here.

For lunch, the La Cima menu looked really good and Nicki wanted to go and Dominica wanted the buffet so Nicki and I went over to the club.  It was quite slow.  Dominica and Liesl would have gone had Liesl not fallen asleep but she did so I had to just get lunch to go for Dominica and bring it back to the house for her.

This afternoon was very slow at the office, it was great.  I was able to leave at a very reasonable time, five thirty, to head back home.  Not much time for me to relax this evening, however, as there is much needing my attention.

I ended up on conference calls this evening for about three hours.  A very busy night.  I did manage to squeeze in just a little time on Dragon Age: Origins tonight before turning in.  I am above sixty hours in on that game now and that means that I have been playing about as long as it took for Dominica to complete it her first time through so chances are that I am quite near to the “end” of the game.  I expect to complete it this week.

Liesl went to bed at nine thirty.  After about ten minutes or so we noticed the bedroom door open just slightly.  We were ready for her to emerge but she did not and Oreo came trotting out.  Very suspicious.  We were watching the door to figure out how he could have opened it when suddenly it closed again. Ah ha, there is a little girl who got out of bed and let the dog out who just realized that she is going to get caught if the door is left ajar.

We knew that there was no way that she was sleeping at that point.  So Dominica went to check in on her and discovered Liesl hiding behind the door trying to hold it shut!  Once she knew that she had been caught she said “uh oh!”  How funny is that?  It was all that we could do to keep from laughing out loud.  It was so cute.

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