June 25, 2010: The Richardsons Visit

Dad was up and out early this morning to go to his breakfast club.  So no Omega for Dominica and I today.  I got up and started work while Liesl and Dominica slept in for a while.

We decided today that we need to get a two terabyte hard drive from Walmart that I can use to archive our movie collection.  That would be a very good use of the time while we are here at dad’s house.  Of course we were just at Walmart yesterday so now we need to wait until we are over there again.  So we are going to lose one day at least that could have been used for transfers.  Moving movies takes a very, very long time.  This part of the never ending process of getting our stuff cleaned up and out of the way at my father’s house.

Aunt Sharon and Uncle Leo came over late morning today to see Liesl whom they have not seen in a long time.  We got lunch from York Landing (or whatever it is called now since they have been bought and sold so many times that I have no idea and just call them York Landing now for ease as no one knows their real name anymore.)

The original plan for this evening was that the Parker clan, Nate, Tammy and the kids, were going to come up and visit since they were getting into Perry today but they ended up having a very busy schedule and decided that it would be better if they could come tomorrow morning instead.  Our morning was free so we decided to just do that instead.

Our new plan for tonight was to have the Richardsons return later this evening and we were all going to watch Dear John on dad’s AppleTV.  That ended up not working out, though, as the AppleTV was unable to download the content from the iTunes Store.  I’m guessing that the Apple infrastructure is buckling under the load of the new iPhone OS 4 being released and just about everyone with an iPhone or iPhone-like device downloading it as quickly as they could.

So we had to give up on watching anything on the AppleTV tonight.  Instead, once work was finally done for me, we watching some of The Tigger Movie and then some of Hammy the Hamster until Liesl fell asleep.

We were all pretty tired and pretty much just called it a night at that point.  We are all working hard to catch up on some sleep.

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