June 26, 2010: Checking out the Coop

I had to be up early this morning, but as early as when we are in Texas, so that I could do the early morning deployments.  This seems to be happening more and more often these days.  It feels like it must be two out of every three Saturdays.  I was up around seven thirty this morning.  Dad had been up long before me and was gone to breakfast long before I got up.  Dominica and Liesl slept for several hours more.

In addition to my eight o’clock work I had other work scheduled for later in the morning so I had a busy morning until lunch time.  Then, for a change of pace, dad and I decided that we would go to the Chicken Coop in Pavilion to get lunch there and bring it home.  I haven’t eaten there more than once or twice and that was many, many years ago so that will make a nice change of pace.

Dad needed to run an errand in Batavia to go to the dry cleaners so we drove up to Batavia first.  That really took no time at all.  Then back to Pavilion to the Chicken Coop.  In reality we should have ordered our food as we went past the first time and picked it up as we went back past but that did not occur to us.

We ended up getting way too much food at the Chicken Coop.  I had skipped dinner last night and breakfast this morning so I was feeling way more hungry than I actually was.  I always order too much food in those circumstances.

While we were waiting for our food, we both got some ice cream.  I discovered a new flavour of Perry’s ice cream that is simply amazing – banana cream pie!  I’m going to be searching for as much of this as I can get while we are up in New York.

We brought lunch back for Dominica and Liesl and ate at the house.  The food was pretty good and we think that we will try the pizza from there again.  We got their white pizza today and want to try their regular pizza too.

This evening, Dad, Dominica and I watched Jackie Chan’s latest movie The Spy Next Door.  It was pretty good.  I would not call it a Jackie Chan classic but it is amazing that he can keep making these movies as he gets older and older.  He is fifty six now.  Not that old but very old for doing his own stunts in these types of movies.  After a lifetime of beating the crap out of himself he must be getting very tired.  He does so much work it is incredible that he is even still alive.

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