June 6, 2010: Hanging with Liesl Day

I was planning on having the day completely off to relax at home but shortly after getting up I got called from the office and ended up spending several hours on the phone on conference calls supporting a production outage.  At least it happened early when Dominica and Liesl were just waking up so it wasn’t really wasted time so much.

It is an extremely hot day today – no going outside for us.  Today is play with Liesl day for me.  We got tons of time today to play together and we read book after book.  We hung out a lot yesterday but got quite a bit more today.  Nothing is better than spending time with my Liesl.

Liesl has been napping for long periods every day so during the weekend this has given me a lot of time when I really should not be in the office working which pretty much leaves hanging out in the living room playing video games.  I managed to make it all of the way to the very end of Dragon Age: Origins.  I did not complete the game but am at the very final moment now.  I just need a bit of time when I can focus on working my way through the final battle and it will all be over.

I managed to set up the living room workspace again so that I can attempt to be productive when I am not in the bedroom at the main desk.  Having to abandon my workstation whenever Liesl is sleeping – which is all through my lunch period and pretty early in the evening – is seriously impacting my ability to be productive but because I am giving up the time to spend it with Liesl – the time is just turning into video game or video watching time which I would prefer to avoid most of the time.  So having a workstation set up in the living room that is ready to go whenever I need it is going to help a lot, I think, in allowing me to remain productive throughout much more of the day.

I spent some time testing out a dc5750 that I just received recently from eBay.  That has been needing to be done for some time.  It is so hard to get enough time to do all of the things that I need to do every day.

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