June 7, 2010: Just a Quiet Day at Home

This morning when I left the house it was like stepping into a blast furnace – a very humid blast furnace.  It was so humid and hot that you could see the haze in the air just in the hallway.  I can take humid cold and dry heat but humid heat really takes a toll on me very quickly.  I hope that this does not keep up.  This makes for an incredibly hot walk to the office.

At least work was not too busy this morning.  For lunch, Jeff and I went to La Cima in Las Colinas to pick up lunch and spend an hour or so working on some documentation that needed to be done.  There are so many interruptions at the office that it is impossible to get any real work done – which has always been my complaint about the office.  This helps a lot.  It was a very good lunch today as well.  The seafood trio with the creole mustard sauce was excellent.

The timing was not good to bring lunch to Dominica so she just ate on her own today.  She wasn’t too concerned about getting food from La Cima since we are scheduled to eat there for our monthly “night out” tomorrow night and we are going to be going there on Wednesday night with the Grices for pasta night.  So she will be La Cima’d out before they leave for New York on Thursday morning.

The plan is for the Grices to arrive in Dallas on Wednesday.  Then we will hang out for one evening and they will get an early start on Thursday.  Leaving from Dallas, well rested, makes the trip far easier than starting from Houston for everyone.  They have an awful lot of people to pack into that Toyota Sequoia, though, with the two adults, two tweens, two toddlers and an infant plus Oreo, of course.  We decided that Oreo could not stay with me because of how long he would be stuck being home alone until I headed to New York and how difficult it would make all of my logistics since I will be doing all of my traveling alone and I may easily be doing ten hours more traveling than Dominica will be doing since I am going from Dallas to Houston and then up to New York.

What a long trip that is going to be for me, all alone.  Ugh.  Dallas to Houston to Annapolis to Sterling to New York.

The afternoon was not too bad. I was able to get out at normal time and go home to hang out with Dominica and Liesl.  We spent the evening at home just hanging out and doing nothing.  We watched a little of Sonny with a Chance and Soap.  Liesl and I read a bit and played.  We just had dinner at home this evening and then it was off to an early bed time for all of us.

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