July 14, 2010: Second Day of Driving

The driving continues today.  Last night Brian and I decided to give up on the quest to drive all through the night and stayed in Forrest City, Arkansas.  Our hotel room, we discovered this morning, had a wonderful view of a big pile of dirt.  How lovely.

We ate breakfast at the hotel and were on the road pretty much right away at around nine.  That give me roughly three hours of sleep last night.  Not much but enough to refresh me.

We still have a lot of driving to do today and it is exceptionally hot out and the sun is blazing.  We got onto the road and Brian drove most of the day.  I was on my laptop working as long as I could.

We were dying all day from the heat.  The car just kept getting hotter and hotter.  It was awful.  The air conditioning in the car was not able to keep up in the least with the hot air and the sunlight that just never ended.  We were driving into the sun all day too so we were sitting in the sunlight the whole day.

The BlackBerry that I had tethered to my laptop got so hot that it discharged its battery even while plugged in!  That wasn’t good.  So I lost connectivity and couldn’t work continuously.  What a pain.

The drive seemed to take forever even though we only had some of Arkansas and all of Texas to cross.  We stopped and grabbed Jack in the Box in eastern Texas.

It was around five when we pulled into Las Colinas and got into the apartment.  We were exhausted and did not bother to unload the car.

Tonight was pasta night at La Cima but we did not have the energy to go over there.  We relaxed a little but were off to bed on the early side.

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