July 15, 2010: Back in Texas, Speaking at SpiceCorps

It is good to be home.  I am really glad that I had some time to be home yesterday evening and to just relax.

I am dramatically beyond on SGL so I am going to post stubs as they make it much, much easier to catch up.  Sorry for the mess but at this point it is for posterity and not for the current readers.

After work this evening we went over to the Microsoft offices in Las Colinas where we are holding SpiceCorps DFW this quarter.  It was really hot on the way there.  Brian, Ben, Nicki and I all car pooled together to get over there.  We were dying by the time that we got there even though it was just around the corner as the Mazda has horribly inadequate air conditioning and cannot cool itself at all.

We brought the new Kodak 1080p video camera with us to record the talk this evening which we think will be really cool.  There haven’t been any real recordings of the SpiceCorps groups so this will be really neat to start making some, we think.

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