July 7, 2010: Last Day with the Girls

Liesl was featured on an article in the Smithsonian Magazine titled: Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Broccoli Haters.   This is perfect for her as she does, in fact, love broccoli more than any other vegetable.  I just stumbled upon this article with this picture that I had taken of her.  How exciting that she is in just a prestigious publication.  We are very proud of her.

Oreo, back in 2009, was apparently used in an article on dog safety in the car on the website Will My Dog Hate Me in an article titled:  Buckle Up for Dog Safety.  A picture that my mother took of Buffer, our cocker spaniel in the fields in the back forty, was used as an example of the breed on HubPages.  My old Mazda 6 (not actually a 6S but a 6 with all of the S options individually to save on insurance – so identical to the S but minus the badge) was used on eHow on the Mazda and Nissan ShowdownGomestic has an article on dangers for cats outdoors and one of our cats from long ago from the barn  got his picture used!

One of my recent pictures from Las Colinas was used in a blog post about all fifty states getting snow this winter.  Oreo was used in a blog on When Nine Hundred Years Old You Reach.  And yet another picture of mine was used on a  recent article from Truth Out on Social Security on Wall Street.

Today is the last day with Dominica and Liesl (and Oreo) in New York.  They will be heading out first thing tomorrow morning to return to Texas and I will be without my family for a week.  I was up early and working this morning.

The archiving process is a great success and all of the movies are now archived and ready for transport.  Now I am on to the television content which I had not originally to get but now I am anxiously hoping that I may be able to finish everything while I am here.  Serious progress.

We skipped lunch today – after yesterday I was not feeling like trying to get food again.  Dominica had some shopping that she needed to do so she drove over to Geneseo to Walmart and did some shopping.  She looked for an SD card for the new high definition camcorder but Walmart didn’t have anything useful at any kind of reasonable price.  So we have to wait until we can order something from Amazon once we get back to Texas.

For dinner this evening we just ordered in a cheese pizza from the Chicken Coop.  That was easy and would not require me to leave the house for more than a few minutes.

Liesl spent the day mostly hanging out with her grandpa.  She is really going to miss him once she leaves in the morning.  She has been having so much fun up here.  She loves the yard, camping, the toys and the constant attention.  She made grandpa read to her a lot today.

Liesl has really come a long way in learning about animals and animal sounds this week.  For weeks, or maybe more, she has been really into monkeys and she goes “ooh ee ohh” anytime that you say monkey or she sees one.

Off to bed somewhat early tonight.  We have to be up early tomorrow and on the road right away.  Francesca is hoping to leave Frankfort at five thirty in the morning and we are going to meet her in Batavia so that they can get right on to the road and get down to Tennessee where they will be stopping for the night.

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