July 8, 2010: The Girls Head to Tennessee

The alarm went off at seven this morning.  I woke up, rolled over to check email and noticed that Francesca and not only managed to get out of the door at the earliest of her projected range but had actually made it out even earlier than expected and was already around Palmyra when we were rolling out of bed. So we were in a very big hurry trying to get out the door as quickly as possible.

We did a good job of getting the car loaded, Liesl ready and everyone on to the road right away.  We headed straight up to Batavia concerned that Francesca was far ahead of us as she was past the Seneca Service Station ten minutes before we were able to leave the house.

Our timing resulting in absolute perfection – we pulled in to the Bob Evans’ parking lot at the Batavia Thruway entrance right behind Francesca.  We could not have possibly timed it better, even if we had been following each other all along.

I was feeling really sick this morning.  I think that I have caught whatever it was that Dominica has had the last few days.  I could not stay in Batavia even to wait for everyone to be fully loaded into the car – it was a mad rush to get back home.

I was at work by normal time so the morning trip, as well as feeling sick, all fit into the “before work” hours perfectly.  I am very glad that that worked out so well.

Dad called from Geneseo to tell me that his breakfast was done and that he was still waiting for his car to be finished being worked on at the shop and that if I wanted, the shop could get the Mazda in right away to work on it.  I made sure that work was good, which took about twenty minutes, and then ran over to Geneseo quickly and dropped off the Mazda at M&R.  They are not sure if they can get to it today or not but they will see what they can do.

We stopped at Tim Horton’s for coffee and donuts.  Actually, dad had a vanilla cream and I grabbed two danishes (ssh, don’t tell Dominica – fortunately for me, she does not read SGL, ever) one cherry cheese and one the limited edition caramel apple.  We ate the danishes there and I took the coffee back home.  The Geneseo Air Show is on this weekend so Geneseo is just wall to wall people.  The sidewalk sale is on and downtown is a zoo.

We skipped lunch since I had not been feeling that well and since I needed to get back to work.  The afternoon was pretty uneventful.  Lots of work and following Dominica and Francesca’s progress across the country via email.

Once work was over, around eight, dad and I drove over to Geneseo and had dinner at Denny’s.  We had been planning to eat at the Lumber Yard but my job runs so late now that it is based on Central time that it wasn’t possible to go there before they were going to close.  Denny’s is cheaper and faster anyway.

After dinner we just came home.  I spent the rest of the evening working on the DVD archiving, SGL and other miscellaneous tasks.  I ended up staying up until around two in the morning, in fact!

No word on the car today.  With any luck we will be able to pick it up tomorrow.  If I cannot get it tomorrow it is going to be a major problem and I am not sure how I am going to deal with it.

No word on the house in Peekskill either, today.  That is pretty depressing.  We are getting rather desperate for time and we need to start making some kind of plans for getting the house emptied out.  I talked to Brian and he is going to go to the house with me on Saturday evening to see what we can do.  It would be awesome if we could get everything done and ready for the moving crew on Saturday afternoon but I do not see how that could be possible.  I’m not completely sure what is left in the house but I am assuming that we have to take a bit out by car when we leave.  I might spend the night there on Saturday night and head down to Philly on Sunday morning.  It will all depend how much there is to be done and how much of it I am able to do.  I sure hope that the movers don’t need us to do anything that we don’t get done this weekend.  That would be awful.

The Texas-bound trekkers made it to Jackson, Tennessee where they got reservations at the Quality Inn for just $63 which is excellent.  They got in around ten, I believe, after a long day of driving.  They made it farther than they had originally planned and tomorrow should be a good driving day for them.

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