June 29, 2010: Eclipse

For the first time since driving from Texas to New York I am completely caught up with SGL and I am writing down events “as they happen.”  Once I do something like the cross country death march drive I lose two days during the drive and then one day of sleeping in.  The combination means that I am starting out three days behind without any real chance of keeping up on the site.  Then it is all just downhill from there.

I got up around seven this morning (we are on Eastern time for those who haven’t thought about how often we change time zones) and got to work.  My computer at the office was turned off, again, and so working remotely became a huge pain.  I have no idea how a company so large can be so bad at the most basic points of IT infrastructure.  Just doing your job is a continuous challenge.

Liesl got up not too long after I did.  I brought her upstairs and fed her breakfast.  She is loving peaches and bananas.  She does the cutest thing shouting “Nana!  Nana!” when she gets excited about bananas.

This morning proved to be insanely busy.  I barely got a chance to do anything.  It was very exhausting.

For lunch we had plans to meet up with Mary at the Omega in Geneseo.  So over across the valley we drove.  We had a nice, but short lunch.  I was cursed with non-stop email requests coming in while we ate and I barely got any chance to hang out at all.  Definitely “one of those days.”

So we had to leave lunch early to race back to the house so that I could get back to work as soon as possible.  The entire afternoon turned out to be crazy busy.

My cousin Sara came over for the afternoon to visit and hang out with Liesl. Liesl, of course, fell asleep on the ride home and slept for several hours so they did not get very much time to hang out.  Our going out to lunch in the middle of the day has really been wreaking havoc with Liesl’s nap schedule.

Dominica’s plan for this evening is to see Eclipse at the Silver Lake Drive In.  Originally Jeremy was going to go with her but he ended up canceling.

Amanda decided to make it a girls’ night out with Dominica so they went to the drive in around seven and I drove over to Livonia with Liesl to hang out with Eric and the kids.  We grabbed some pizza and beer – Canandaigua Lake Ale – and hung out with the kids.  Liesl had a great time playing with the kids.  She loves having other kids (and toys) with which to play.

It worked out well as Eric and I had a conference call at nine which we were able to just jump on together since we were in the same place.  It was also my chance to check out Eric’s new Snom 300 office phone which I have not even seen yet.  It is very nice.

Once the kids headed off to bed Eric and I popped on Netflix and watched The Fifty World Movies of All Times – a documentary.  It was pretty funny.  It was amazing how many of the movies are ones that I had seen.  Especially Santa Claus Versus the Martians.  John and I watched that one from his horrible sci-fi movie collection many years ago.

Liesl and I headed home.  I put her to bed and did some work for a while finally turning in with Oreo around two.  I was not asleep quite when Dominica made it home from the drive in.  She is going to have a rough day tomorrow.  They had a good time at the movies, though.  The first movie was Letters to Juliet which I had never heard before.  Eclipse opened at midnight so they had to wait to start it until then which is why it ran so late.

Dominica convinced dad today that with all of the movies that he rents on the AppleTV that he could get Netflix, get tons more content, and save money.  The AppleTV is just so expensive to use if you use it on a regular basis.  It is perfect for the occasional need-something-new-right-now stuff but it is not good at all for regular movie rentals and purchases.  The costs is just astronomic.  She figured out that for the cost of about half of what he rents monthly from the AppleTV he could have Netflix.  And that way, even if the Netflix only cut out half of his movie rentals from the AppleTV it would be a break even and anything more would be a win since Netflix is a fixed cost.  And since Netflix has the unlimited on-demand movies and television shows he is likely to get many, many times the value from it since he can sit down and watch anything that they have, anytime, for free.  So he signed up and his first movie, The Tooth Fairy, is do to arrive tomorrow.

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