June 30, 2010: Liesl’s Second Zoo Trip

How Legal Immigration Works in America As someone with a lot of friends who have gone through or are going through this process I am very aware of this process.  But most Americans don’t know much about how America interfaces to the rest of the world and getting a look at this process is a good practice.

This morning, after getting to bed very late last night after being at the drive in watching the opening night of Eclipse, Dominica had to get up because she, Liesl and dad headed up to Rochester to do some banking and to take Liesl to the Seneca Park Zoo.  This is Liesl second time going to the zoo in two weeks.  I still have not had a chance to go to the zoo with her yet which is very sad.  I had really wanted to have been able to take her to the zoo for the first time.  She really likes going to the zoo.  I am hoping, at least, that I will be able to take her to the Fort Worth Zoo sometime soon, which is supposed to be the best zoo in north Texas.

They were gone all morning giving me some time to be productive at home.  It worked out pretty well.  However, while they were gone, I developed an intense migraine.  One of the worst that I can ever remember having.  It was awful.

I tried to work for as long as I could but by around noon I was completely worthless and could not handle sitting at the computer any longer.  I had tried taking a shower to see if that would help with the pain but it did not.  So I went down to the basement and curled up in bed to take a nap.  Oreo, the ever empathic puppy, knew that I was not feeling well and came down with me, crawled under the covers and snuggled up as close as he could.

The family got home not too long after I laid down for my nap.  I slept for two hours or maybe a little longer.  That helped a lot and I was feeling mostly better by the time that I got back up and returned to work.

Dad got a great deal from his Kodak retiree discount on their new, pocket, solid-state 1080p video camera.  Dominica and I decided that we would get it.  We love taking videos of Liesl but the cameras that we have require too much effort to carry around for casual video taking.  Even our pocket camera from Kodak has to go through such an ordeal to start up and get ready to take a video that you can never catch the little things.  We are hopeful that having a dedicated, pocket video camera will make that much easier.  It was just $110 after tax and shipping so we can hardly go wrong there!  And 1080p HD!  That’s awesome.  That is double the video resolution of our current Kodak pocket camera.  I let Dominica pick the colour so she chose raspberry, although it is unlikely that she will ever use the camera herself.  Our Zi8 video camera is due to arrive on Tuesday.

The DVD archiving process continues full force.  The two laptops are working pretty much around the clock attempting to keep up with the workload.  This is no small project that I have underway.  The progress has really been good.  I’m impressed with how quickly it is going.

This evening dad, Dominica, Liesl and I watching The Tooth Fairy which is dad’s first movie to come via mail from Netflix.  He just signed up yesterday and has not even tried out his on-demand viewing yet.

The Tooth Fairy was pretty cute.  Pretty much what we had expected up front.  Nothing too heavy and nothing ground breaking but a number of good people with some funny bits and some touching bits.  Very much “family movie fodder” but on the better side and quite enjoyable.  Good for the whole family.

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