August 14, 2010: Party

I actually got to sleep in this morning, it was awesome.  I did a little work but mostly spent the morning relaxing.

We were hungry for breakfast so once I was finally up and moving I drove up the street to Panera Bread and picked up a very late breakfast for us around eleven.  Panera has some of the most excellent breakfast sandwiches around.  They also have good pastries and coffee, so you really can’t go wrong there.

We ate breakfast and I played a little Oblivion while Liesl took her afternoon nap.  Once she woke up we got ready as quickly as we could and headed on over to the Pierces’ for their anniversary part that started at four.  It was around five when we finally arrived.  I’d call it fashionably late but when you have a toddler fashionable kind of goes out the window.

Liesl had a great time at the party.  She just loves any type of party.  She was the only child there but she did very well considering.  She only got really upset once and that was when the two kitties who were there decided that playing with Liesl was a bad idea and ran away to hide from her.  She was quite upset that the cats were not interested in playing with her.

The party was awesome, a really good group of people.  We had a lot of fun hanging out.  We stayed for about four hours which was all that Liesl could handle.  She was heading towards a meltdown when we went to leave.  We made it out before she actually got upset but just barely.  We are learning the signs and learning to just pack up and go immediately when she gets tired and starts showing the signs of being unhappy.

Tomorrow I am driving down to pick up Madeline and Emily.  They are going to be staying with us for the week.  Other than that, no real plans for tomorrow.  Dominica will be home all day.

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