August 13, 2010: Rockfish

Up early again, I’ve been very good about that this week, and in to the office.  I was in by seven thirty – exceptionally good for a Friday which always means that I will be working late.

It is still hot here.  I heard from John at work that today we tied the second longest streak of temperatures being above one hundred degrees and there is no end in sight.  I’ve tried to reference this and can’t find exactly where this applies.  We are definitely on a very long streak but it appears that for the DFW as a whole (or maybe for measuring from the airport) we are high on the streak list but not to the top yet.  We have no end in sight, though, so heading towards a record of some sort is definitely a possibility.

I’m impressed that I am handling the hot weather with such casualness considering that it is a level of heat knocking most Texans off of their feet.

For lunch today John and I went out to Rockfish.  We haven’t been there is a while.  It was very good.  I got takeout for Dominica and dropped it off at the apartment for her.

After work I came home and just played a little Oblivion before heading off to an early bed time.  I’ve been going to bed very early all week.  Tomorrow I will be relaxing a bit and then heading to the Pierce’s for their anniversary party tomorrow afternoon.

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