August 17, 2010: Museum Day

I was up and out the door at seven this morning.  Today the girls are all going into Dallas to go to the museums.  They all got up about an hour after I left for the day.

They were not able to head to the museums as early as they had hoped because Dominica got stuck working for an hour before they could leave.

Work was very busy today.  I felt the need for breakfast so around ten thirty John and I drove to Panera Bread, got breakfast and brought back coffee for the team.  The coffee was a major hit.  Most everyone in the office had no idea that Panera had good coffee and were very happy to have it.  Everyone thought that it was much better than what they were used to getting, which is usually Starbucks around here.  What is amazing is that people will drive to Panera for bagels and then to Starbucks for coffee and no one ever thought of getting everything from the same place!

Around one I came home to be with Oreo for a little while.  He can’t go all day without someone at home.  He would get quite upset if we did that to him.  I tried to work on a computer that we have sitting in the living room to get Windows XP installed but I could not find a USB stick anywhere in the house with which I could move network drivers over to the PC, so I gave up on that.

I then took an old Pentium III 1GHz DeskPro that has been sitting around the apartment for a while to see if I could get Fedora loaded on to that so that Emily could use it as a programming machine.  This little Deskpro has been with us for a long time and has moved around from one storage unit to another and moved from Geneseo to Peekskill and now to Texas – just so that I could plug it in today to find out that it was dead and would not power up at all.  Argh.  So I threw it out after messing with it long enough to determine that it was completely useless.

The girls had a good time at the museums in Dallas and were very exhausted when they finally got home mid-afternoon.  I got stuck at work pretty late this evening.

When I finally got home I tried to play some Oblivion but only managed to play for a maximum of five minutes – there were just too many interruptions to be able to do anything productive at all.

I spent what time I did have this evening working with Emily on her Python programming.  Failing to have gotten one of the computers in the living room set up for her I got her hooked up with the Acer Aspire One netbook that we have running Fedora 11.  That worked pretty well for her for Python programming.

It was a very short evening.  Everyone was pretty tired and went to bed pretty early.  Tomorrow night we are all going to La Cima.

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