August 18, 2010: Young Execs Club

I have been getting in to work quite early all week.  That works out very well.  Leaving the house once Liesl is awake is so stressful for everyone.

It is much, much cooler today than it has been.  Our hot streak is finally “broken”, not that it is not hot but today we did not manage to hit triple digits by the thermometer at DFW Airport.

This morning, John and I made a run over to Panera Bread to pick up coffee for the team.  It was a nice eighty eight degrees while we were out which was awesome.  Haven’t had that in a long time.

Just as we were heading back into the office it started to rain pretty heavily.  We were completely soaked by the time that we got in.

I came home for lunch today and everyone was just getting back to the apartment after having swam all morning when I got there.  I could hear them on the stairs heading to the apartment.  They pretty much all fell asleep immediately and napped all afternoon.

This evening is both pasta night and the Young Execs club at La Cima.  So I got out of work on the early side, before six, and drove right over there on my own.  We were only able to get dinner reservations for the family at eight this evening so I am guessing that they are very busy tonight.

The Young Execs group was good.  I only hung out with them during the Happy Hour portion of the evening in the lounge.  They moved into the dining room for dinner at almost exactly the same time that Dominica, Madeline, Emily and Liesl arrived for dinner.

Brian Watson joined us for pasta night.  We had a good time and remembered to talk to La Cima about changing the pace of our dinner as Liesl doesn’t hold up well for the relaxed pace that they usual have.  The pace is appropriate for the atmosphere and they manage it carefully and well but for a twenty one month old little girl the food just doesn’t come out fast enough.

Changing the pace worked very well tonight and Liesl was quite happy all through dinner.  If we can just remember to always do this, we should be good.

The girls headed home and Brian and I stayed behind with a few people from the Young Execs group for another hour or so.

I got home and it was pretty much straight off to bed for me.

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