August 20, 2010: FroYo

I overslept this morning.  Has anyone ever noticed that every post starts off with info on how I slept?  Why do I continue to do that?  Does anyone care?  I’m imagining not.  It is just such a convenient kick off to the blog post.

This week has been pretty light on the posts.  I’ve been tired and busy and my evenings are pretty packed with activity so I don’t have much time to write.  Nothing much has been happening though so you are not missing anything.

For lunch today the girls met up with John, Nicki and I from the office at Boston’s.  That was a nice change of pace.  It took forever, though, because we had so many people.  It probably took half an hour just to get seated!

I got stuck late at the office tonight not getting to head home until after seven.  What a long day.

After work, we had dinner at the house and then, at my suggestion, Dominica and I took the girls out to YogurtZone for frozen yogurt.  They thought that that was a great idea.  YZ has make your own frozen yogurt desserts much like a froyo buffet.  It is very good.  We had a good time doing that.  We will definitely try to take the girls there again sometime.  It makes a great family outing and is pretty decently healthy.  Way better than going out for ice cream and it is more of an “event” as well.

I did get to play maybe thirty minutes of Oblivion tonight.  Not much but I did complete one quest and made good progress on another.  Madeline tried watching me play but thought that it was pretty incredibly boring.  Emily, on the other hand, thinks that Oblivion is about the most exciting game ever to watch and prefers hanging out with me watching me play the game than watching television in the other room.

The evening was pretty busy with packing and cleaning.  Then it was off to bed as early as we could muster, which was not all that early.  I was very tired by the time that we actually turned in.  It is going to be a short night as I need to be up to work at seven tomorrow morning.  I can’t complain, though, as Jeff is scheduled to work for seventeen hours tomorrow (Saturday) which is pretty rough on top of the fact that he has been sick all week!

My flight to Maryland is all set.  I am leaving Sunday morning at five forty from DFW and flying direct to BWI.  A direct flight, I can’t remember the last time that I had one of those.  That is going to be awesome.  This is one of the least hectic trips that I will be having in a very long time.  Two days, no driving, direct flights – who could ask for more?

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