August 19, 2010: Short Day

I got very little sleep last night and woke up at five this morning.  I tried to go back to sleep but did not manage to so I just got up around five thirty and went into the office.

I didn’t bother to bring in coffee today and instead just drank the cold leftover Panera coffee from yesterday.  It  was in a sealed bag so other than being cold, it was just fine.  No creamer, though.

The girls drove down to Mansfield this morning to spend the day with family.  That left me on my own for lunch.  John and I took advantage of the day and we went to Rockfish for lunch.

I got home a little on the early side and we had dinner at home.  Then, after dinner, Madeline, Emily and I walked over to La Madeiline to pick up patisseries for dessert.

I’m heading off to Maryland on Sunday morning to see John for two days.  I am flying out first thing on Sunday morning and returning Monday night.  We thought about having Dominica and Liesl come along but it is a short trip so they are staying behind.

Spent the evening otherwise just hanging out with the family.  Went to bed around eleven.

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