August 22, 2010: Annapolis

John at the office turned me on to the latest Internet video sensation, the double rainbow video.  Now, what makes this awesome is not that the video is good, at all, but that the guy is so insanely stoned and yet still manages to make the video and then, when conscious sometime later I imagine, posts it to YouTube.  Now why would he do this?  I have no idea.  But if he hadn’t decided to expose his rainbow fetish to the world we would not have had the chance to then be blessed with the instant classic Double Rainbow Autotune Remix.  All I can say is, “whoa, so intense.”

The plan was to have the alarm go off at three o’clock this morning.  Yup, that indeed was the plan.  What actually happened was that I woke up to Liesl crying.  I said to myself, “That’s funny, Liesl doesn’t normally wake up before thee in the….. OH NO!!!!”  Yes, it was four thirty when Liesl normally wakes up and I had slept through the alarm by an hour and a half.  Craptastic.

Dominica and I were up and out of bed in a heartbeat.  It was four thirty, on the nose. She ran and grabbed Liesl and got her ready to go out the door while I started brushing my teeth and getting my last minute items packed.  It took only five minutes from waking up to being out the door and on our way to DFW.  Impressive.

We figured out a little bit more today about how to get in and out of DFW.  We were able to drop me off at the actual terminal for a change.  That really worked out well as I was able to run right in, print my boarding pass and get out to the gate.  I actually had time to watch CNN for a good fifteen minutes before boarding the early morning flight.

The flight itself went well and uneventful.  I read the latest issue of Visual Studio magazine on the flight and even fired up my laptop and ran through the entire life of the battery doing some software installation of stuff that I had downloaded and prepped while still at the house before I went to bed last night.  I am very glad that I had done that as having that stuff ready to go now worked out perfectly.  I really was able to make great use of the time that I had on the plane.

We landed in Baltimore at nine thirty in the morning.  I emailed John as I landed and he headed out to find me.  I had no checked baggage so was able to get out of the airport pretty quickly.  It was awesome to step out into the cool, sub eighty degree temperatures in Maryland.  I have not felt air this cool in a very long time.  The last few times that I have been in either Maryland or New York it has been very warm – Texas-like temperatures.

John picked me up in the yellow Corvette.  Even though he has owned it for four to six years I have never actually ridden in it.  I don’t fit very well with the firm, sport seats designed for people much smaller than myself.  It was a tight fit.

We headed right over to Old Country Buffet for breakfast.  I had not eaten a bite all morning.  John and I ate breakfast and then Michelle, her mother and the girls arrived – right as they switched over to lunch rather than breakfast.  We got a bigger table and had lunch all together.  That worked out pretty well getting two meals all in one fell swoop.

After lunch we went to the house and spent the afternoon working.  It was quite productive.  I did manage to take a shower and freshen up as well.  I had had to skip my morning shower in our panic to go from being asleep to being in the car in five minutes today.

For dinner, John and I hit the grocery store and got salmon pinwheels that looked quite tasty.  We picked up veggies and fruit and headed back to the house.

I watched Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen with the girls while John slow cooked dinner.  It ended up being more like smoked pinwheels than grilled which was awesome – it just took about two hours.  We ended up having them on hamburger buns with dijon mustard.  They were very delicious.

After Transformers 2 John and I watched the last half hour of Jennifer’s Body starring Megan Fox from the previous movie.  We were very glad that we only caught the end of the it because that movie was really awful.

We weren’t tired yet so we found that Pineapple Express was just coming on and neither of us had seen it nor knew what it was so we watched that.  Had we realized that it was a Seth Rogan movie before we selected it we probably would have just gone to bed.  But since we were already invested we watched it.  Not that it, or most of Seth’s movies, are actually “bad”, they just fail to be “good.”  The movie was boring and pointless.  It had a few funny moments but mostly was just insanely boring.

Off to bed after that.  It was getting close to midnight.  Not really that late but definitely time for some sleep.  It has been a very long day.  But fortunately I did get that extra hour of sleep this morning 😉

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