August 23, 2010: Annapolis and Back to Irving

Proof that Jay Leno is out of touch, his audience doesn’t even want to know what he is saying apparently.

I got up at seven this morning in Annapolis which is six back home in Irving.  Pretty early to be sure.  I got up, showered, got dressed, did a little work and packed up so that I would not have to worry about packing anything later today.  I don’t want to scramble at the last minute to get things packed.

I went out into the Florida room and hung out with Michelle for half an hour or so.  Then Curtis arrived, or at least popped in as he had been in the house for a while and I just didn’t realize it, and we headed into the office to work for a while.

It was a really productive day.  Lots of coffee involved and whiteboarding.  We ended up taking an extremely late lunch and heading over to Deep Creek.  Deep Creek just has awesome food.

There was not a lot of time after returning from lunch.  We worked in the office and got more done but mostly I was just on my laptop all day.  My work Blackberry is still not set up from when they forced me onto a new device so I am Blackberryless at the moment.  A bit of a pain when traveling like this because normally I would work from it in the airport.

At seven John drove me up to BWI and dropped me off for my flight.  We were there at a quarter till eight and by eight I was sitting at the bar across from the gate.  I ended up at the bar sitting next to a girl who was headed for my flight and a guy who was from Rochester, New York.  Weird.

I had plenty of time to hang out at the bar, I was over an hour early.   Better early than running to make the flight.

The girl from the bar ended up sitting across the aisle from me on our flight and the flight was pretty much empty so we were able to talk the whole flight back which helps to pass the time.  She is newly married and she and her new husband have just recently moved down to Grapevine from Western Michigan arriving just a week or two after Dominica and I moved to the area.  They have been looking for a place like La Cima and so might end up trying it out to see if they might like it.

We arrived at DFW about forty minutes early.  Dominica and Liesl picked me up and we were home before the plane was even scheduled to land.

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