August 25, 2010: Texas Gets Cool

Today was much cooler than I have had in Texas for quite a while and it feels great.  Last night was the coolest that it has been and today is not quite that cool but the whole day today was cool and not just the afternoon.  There was a lot of rain around the DFW this morning causing all kinds of traffic issues but no rain, at least none that I saw, directly hit the Las Colinas area.

I drove to work this morning but was sorry that I did.  It was cool enough that I should have just walked.  I was not confident in the weather when I left home this morning.

For lunch, Dan’s wife packed his lunch with just a letter telling him to “have lunch with the guys”, so we all took that as a sign that we were destined to eat at La Cima for lunch today.  Which we did.

The awesome thing on the lunch buffet today was the Caesar salad on the action station.  Since it was on the action station I was able to get it without the chicken.  It is rare that I can get a vegetarian option from the action station so this was a special treat today.  A larger menu than usual.  The salad was fresh sauteed vegetables with a homemade jalapeno lime Caesar dressing.  It was amazing.

I picked up a buffet lunch to go for Dominica and dropped it off for her on the way back to the office.  From the house I walked back to work.  First time walking to work in weeks.  It felt good to get back into the groove.  Starting tomorrow I plan to begin leaving the car at home again.  I really need the exercise.

When I got home from work this evening both Dominica and I were not feeling too well so decided to cancel on going to La Cima tonight even though it is our pasta night.  We are going to be at La Cima a bit coming up in the next week so little need to be highly concerned about making it tonight.  We are scheduled to be there for dinner this Friday night to celebrate Dominica’s birthday.  That will be our first Friday night at the club, I believe.  Then on Tuesday night, the last night of the month, we are sneaking in to have our monthly dinner.  So that is two large meals in the next six days plus we ate there for lunch today.

We did manage to go for a walk again this evening.  It was not as cool as last evening but still pretty nice.  We took a much longer walk tonight, maybe double what we did yesterday.  We put Liesl in her stroller and Dominica pushes her while I walk Oreo on his leash.  All of us need the fresh air and the exercise.  Oreo is very happy to be getting out and getting some walking in.  It is so hard for an old, blind Boston Terrier to get exercise.

I have tons of work to catch up on so spent much of the evening working.  Liesl and I did get a chance to spend a lot of time together this evening – mostly hanging out in Dominica and my bedroom reading books.  She would run and find a book and then run to me and sit on my lap while I read her the book.  Then she would run off to find another book.

Liesl knows tons of animals now.  We go through some books that she has not seen in a very long time and she knows cow, puppy, toucan, cat (meow meow), monkey, turtle, snake, spider, butterfly and more!  Very impressive.

I was stuck working quite late tonight.  So while I was working and after Liesl had gone to bed, Dominica drove out to Walmart to go grocery shopping.  She was gone for several hours!  She left before midnight and did not get back until after two in the morning.

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