August 24, 2010: Back in Texas

As the day progressed the weather got cooler and cooler.  This is awesome.  It would appear, and I have been told, that the Texas summer is over and we are heading into steadily cooler temperatures from here on out.  Supposedly it is unlikely that we will head over the three digit mark again until next summer.  After weeks of unrelenting one hundred plus temperatures I think that hovering in the mid-nineties will be very pleasant.

Today Dominica and I started our diets.  We are attempting to just do simply calorie counting like dad did.  Dominica was trying to talk me into a more complicated “lose weight quickly” diet but I just want a slow, healthy, sustained loss.  I am very healthy now and just need to lose weight so that maybe I can qualify for health care.  That makes it tempting to harm myself by trying to lose weight very quickly (thanks American medical system!) but I am avoiding doing that.

I came home for lunch and Dominica made sandwiches, salmon and tuna salad.

After work the weather had cooled way down.  When I got home and it was below eighty degrees Dominica decided that we would go out for a walk.  So we put Liesl in her stroller and harnessed up Oreo and went out for a walk.

It was a beautiful evening.  So nice being able to just walk around outside.  The sun was low and the air was mildly warm and there was a little breeze.  We walked around the new townhouses being built near us and then down to the boulevard and along the ponds there.  It is a really nice place for an evening walk and very few people go out there so it is a lot like our own, private place to walk.

It was just a short walk tonight, maybe thirty-five minutes.  Hopefully as the weather gets cooler we can get out and do this a lot more often.

After we were back to the house I was busy working all evening.  There is a ton to be done and I have been struggling to keep up.  Tonight is the every-other week conference call that I am normally on.  It was a long one tonight running for a full two hours.

After the call I ended up staying up late until well after two in the morning working.  Dominica attempted to stay up with me but crashed before I got a chance to go to sleep.  She is going to be exhausted tomorrow for sure.  Lots of work done tonight, though.

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