August 27, 2010: I’m the Mayor of La Cima

Another nice day in the mid-nineties.  I can handle this.  I was pretty tired this morning and slept in a little late, which is fine as my Fridays start off with a conference call that I just do from home since it is early in the morning and there is no point to my being in the office prior to the call.

I ended up having so many little things going on this morning that I just worked from home until lunch.  That worked out quite well, actually, and I got to see Liesl a lot today.  Dominica made an early lunch which I ate and then went into the office.  I walked today, it seemed warm out but was not as warm as yesterday and the walk was quite nice.

Work was exceptionally slow today which was great.  On a Friday, no less.  How cool is that?

I got to leave work at a nice time and came home for a little bit before it was time to get ready to go out to dinner at La Cima.  Dominica and Liesl ran out to the store before we went to dinner as well.

It is a busy Friday night, being the last Friday of the month, and it was hard to get in to La Cima at all let alone at the time that we had wanted.  So our reservations were for eight which is very late for little Liesl.  She has been napping quite late and staying up pretty late at night recently, though, so we might be okay.

I checked in with FourSquare tonight at La Cima and earned my first Mayorship.  We knew that that had to happen pretty quickly.  For those who don’t use Foursquare, that won’t mean anything.

Dinner was super cheap tonight.  We ate sensibly getting just salads and dinner.  Dominica’s dinner was free as it is her birthday month and we had a fifty dollar gift certificate to use tonight so we paid almost nothing for our dinner tonight which was very cool.  We decided to splurge and got the BBQ shrimp with grits too to split which is very tasty.  Liesl got mac and cheese and started yelling “mac and cheese” with a big grin on her face over and over again which was adorable.

Liesl is, without a doubt, the center of attention at La Cima.  Everyone comes over to see her many times.  She has her own fan club.  She adores all of the attention although she does get shy from time to time.  Mostly she is just having a great time.

We came home and Liesl stayed up for about an hour watching Dora.  Dominica did some cleaning and I worked on writing an article and doing some last minute work for the office.  We ended up staying up pretty late.

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