August 28, 2010: Finally Back to Writing

Top Ten Failed McDonald’s Products.  Some of these are quite funny.  I especially like the Jason Alexander commercial, boy does that take me back.  I used to watch that commercial and would sometimes get the McDLT.  I always wondered what happened to it.  It was especially interesting that it still exists today, just called the Big and Tasty (a.k.a. the Big and Nasty.)  What is most funny is… what is the difference between the different McDonald’s burgers?  Except for the Big Mac, I really can’t tell them apart.

It is a nice, quiet Saturday at home.  I needed some down time and while I am still quite busy today at least I got some time without people needing my immediate attention for pretty much the entire day.  We all slept in a bit this morning not getting up until around nine.

My first task this morning was wrapping up an article that I had been working on and getting it submitted.  I’m not too sure that it will be accepted but at least I turned something in.  My schedule has been so crazy that I have not been able to write anything for a very long time.  I am trying hard to get back into the swing of writing on a regular basis.  Although for quite some time there was a billing issue around my writing and so I was not anxious to submit anything new until that was resolved anyway.  So the timing was not all that bad, in reality.

Overall I was pretty productive today.  I got a lot of stuff done and got quite a bit of time to hang out with the family.  Liesl and I played a lot today.

We spent a bit of time this afternoon just relaxing in the living room.  I worked hard all morning and decided that I needed to just relax with the family.  Liesl spent a lot of time sitting on my lap on the sofa with Oreo snuggled up next to me.

Liesl has a new game that has just started over the last few days.  Dominica likes to sit in the section of the sofa that is right by the window.  The moment that Dominica gets up and leaves the room Liesl takes off at an all out sprint to get to the chair and leaps up onto it and lies down like she has been there forever before Dominica can make it back.  This has been going on for a few days and it is completely hilarious.

We watched the Hindi film Singh is Kinng tonight.  It was cute, a bit hard to follow at first.  I never quite understood how the beginning of the movie tied in to the later bits.  For the most part I followed it but there were some references at the beginning that I just could not piece together.  But I asked friends and they were confused as well, so it wasn’t just Dominica and I who were unclear as to what was going on.  But the movie was cute and enjoyable.

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