August 3, 2010: Guy’s Night Out with Hannah Montana

I got up at eight and got in to the office.  I was up pretty late last night and was dragging this morning pretty seriously.  I am home alone today – Oreo is still visiting with Maggie and Brian is still down in Houston.  So I have the house to myself.

Work was fine this morning.  I went home at lunch to take care of some errands and whatnot.  On the way back to the office I swung into Jersey Mike’s to get a sub to take back to the office.  I just ate at my desk.

My allergies are really bad today – at least I am assuming that it is my allergies.  I am sneezing something horrible but that is about it.  No other symptoms.  So it seems like allergies to me.

Maggie was originally going to bring Oreo over this afternoon but she had to work late and with traffic at that time of day it just didn’t make any sense.  So she is going to bring him over later on this evening after dinner.

I worked fairly late, since there is no one to go home to, and then went home to figure out what to do for the evening.  I caught up on emails and thought about heading over to The Ranch to join Brian for a beer – he had gone straight there from the drive from Houston.

The timing did not work out, though, as Maggie was party way to our place by that point so I decided that I just needed to stay in for the evening.  Once Oreo was home I knew that I could not go out anywhere because we would need to spend time together.  He can’t come home to an empty house this evening after having been away for days – he would be most unhappy.  So my plan is doggy snuggles all evening.

When Maggie and Oreo arrived I met them out in the hall.  Oreo was so excited to hear my voice that his whole body was wagging.  He definitely had a really good time on his little vacation but he is glad to be home too.

Maggie only hung around for ten minutes or so before heading back home.  Then Oreo and I went for a walk and settled down on the couch to spend some quality time together.  He is having a hard time remembering where all of the furniture is located in the house since we had just rearranged everything on him just before he went away for several days so he isn’t sure where he is going to run into something and where he can jump up onto the couch or whatever.

Brian Watson ended up meeting Brian Souder at The Ranch and they said that they would bring me dinner later.  So I made myself a bacon buttie to hold myself over as I was starving and then Oreo and I settled in to watch Hannah Montana: The Movie on BluRay which we have had for a very long time and that Dominica had watched without me at some point.  It was the only movie in the house that I had not already seen.

About halfway through the movie “The Brians” arrived with my ancho Caesar salad and fried catfish dinner from The Ranch, which is just around the corner.  They had thought that I had been kidding when I had Twittered that I was watching Hannah Montana, but I wasn’t.  They mocked me but they both decided to sit down and watch it as well and seemed to really enjoy it.  It is a cute movie.  Not bad at all and you really don’t have to have watched the show to understand it.  There are some references that only make sense if you know the show but for the most part it is so disconnected from the show that it doesn’t matter at all.

It was still early at that point and Brian Sounder wanted to watch Transformers so we watched that too.  I have only seen that once before.  It is a good movie.  Not great, but good.  Sometimes you need a pointless action movie and it fits the bill well and it shows off the BluRay as well.  I want to get the sequel too but have not been buying movies recently so have not gotten around to it.

We made a big dent in the two boxes of wine that Brian and I had picked up from Target last week.  I am hoping to have them finished off before Dominica gets back on Saturday as we will need all of the counter and fridge space that we can muster as her family is coming to visit for the weekend and we are very space limited.

Everyone fell asleep or pretty much fell asleep during the last movie.  Apparently Transformers was not as engaging as Hannah Montana: The Movie. Oreo was very happy to snuggle next to me.  I had my arm around him all evening.  He has definitely missed his daddy.

Oreo is staying with me until Friday evening when I will be driving down to Lake LBJ.  I am going to drop him off at Maggie’s again on the way out of town so that he can enjoy a mini-vacation again rather than having to ride in the car in the heat all of that way just to turn around and drive right back.  And it will get him out of the way while the Grices are staying with us as we will not have much space at all and Oreo will just be in the way and unhappy.  So we will pick him back up on Sunday afternoon when everyone heads back down to Houston.

Pretty much just a normal day planned for tomorrow.  Work and then Pasta Night at La Cima.  Nothing else planned, for a change.  I need to get busy on house cleaning too!

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