August 4, 2010: La Cima and Phone Calls

Today is definitely a hot one.  The raw temperature was one an even one hundred in Las Colinas but the heat index was a full one hundred and fourteen degrees!  It was both hot and sticky.  Even in the “cool” of the morning you walk out to a wall of humidity.  Not pleasant at all.

The worst part of the Texas heat is the lack of cloud cover.  It is nearly always bright sunshine, as the state’s name would suggest, and that sunshine takes quite the toll on you and your vehicle should you be so unfortunate as to be out in it for more than a minute.  The cars get so incredibly hot.  It really has to be experienced to understand.

As Jeff said today after getting me coffee from Starbucks: “It’s bad when you set down the burning hot coffee and then touch the roof of your car and realize that the coffee feels cool in comparison.”

I am very excited that I am beginning to, if only slowly, get caught back up on SGL.  There is a lot to be done.  I hope that I do not get stuck traveling again anytime soon.  I need some time just “at home” to get life back to normal.

After work I ran home, shaved and changed quickly, then Brian and I drove over to La Cima to meet up with Maggie and Judi for pasta night.  We had seven o’clock reservations but arrived a little early so we hung out in the lounge and had cocktails before going in to dinner.

Dinner was very good.  Tonight’s special sauce was a lobster cream sauce which almost everyone got.  It was very good.  We hung out after dinner for a while and didn’t get back home until quite late – probably around eleven.  I fed Oreo then Brian, Maggie and I had a late call to Arizona but that was pretty quick.

I ended up being up until three in the morning having a conversation with Melbourne, Australia.  I am going to be dragging tomorrow!

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