August 5, 2010: At the Ranch

It is another very, very hot day in Texas.  For the most part the heat doesn’t bother me too much but it starts getting incredibly inconvenient when it is this hot and it disrupts so many things.  It wouldn’t be nearly so bad if we had a different living situation that did not involve a five minute walk outside to get to a garage that is twenty or thirty degrees above the air temperature with zero air movement.  No matter how cool you are before you start, no matter how cool it is outside, the moment that you set foot into the garage here at our apartment it simply takes your breath away and your car is as hot or hotter than if it had been sitting out in the sun all day.  It is completely ridiculous.

Today is Brian’s last day with us down in Texas.  He has spent almost two entire months here so far this year and we know that he is coming down to Houston and Austin in October at the very least.  It is becoming like a second home for him at this point.  He is flying out of DFW early tomorrow morning to head back home to Philadelphia.  Then tomorrow evening, after work, I will be driving down to Lake LBJ to get the girls and bring them home on Saturday where, I truly hope, I get to stay for a little while before needing to go anyplace else.

Pretty much a normal work day.  Nothing really to report.  I’ve been doing lunch at home all week because of Oreo.  He is such a good dog.  He has never handled being left home alone very well and he has been doing great this week.

Work was pretty much normal, nothing to report there.  I’ve been driving to and from work since returning from New York as it is just so hot here now.

After work I went back to the apartment and found Brian playing Oblivion on the PS3 – his favourite pastime.  We packed the Ralstons’ “Wii Care Package” into the BMW and drove over to the UPS store to ship it out and discovered that the UPS Store closes at six thirty – it was now ten ’till seven!  Argh.  I seldom get out of work before six thirty.  That is really annoying that they are only open during prime working hours.  I can get out early to go there but I should not have to.

We needed to meet some people at The Ranch just up the street so we drove up there.  We had a few Shiners and Watson came down to join us and we had dinner there as it was just too convenient not to.

After dinner we went back to the apartment and hung out for a little while.  We worked on making nLite packages which I had never done before.  That was relatively interesting.

It was quite late when we finally managed to get to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be a really long day.  Brian’s flight out of DFW is at six so we need to be up around three to get ready and get out the door to get him to the airport!

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