August 7, 2010: Returning Home with My Family

I had to get up at seven this morning so that I could work for several hours before the family hit the road to drive from Lake LBJ up to the metroplex.  I managed to do a bit of work for the office and also to catch up a bit on SGL while we were there.

Originally I had thought that Dominica needed me to get up and be ready to be on the road as quickly as possible.  I had the impression that with me having to work in the morning that everyone would be waiting on me.  That ended up not being the case and while I was ready to leave by just after nine we actually left at more like ten thirty.

It wasn’t all that hot when loading the cars this morning but it heated up quickly and was another hot Texan summer day.  The drive went well.  We all (except Bennie who drove back to Houston earlier in the day) stopped at McDonald’s in Killeen for lunch.  Then, on the highway north, we stopped in West for gas and kolaches at the Czech Stop.  Yum.

We drove up to Arlington where there was a surprise, early 60th birthday party for Dominica’s dad.  There was quite a turnout too.  The house was packed.  Liesl had a great time playing with the kids in the back yard.  She loves being able to go outside.

The party went pretty late.  It was probably nine thirty or so before we managed to get back to the house in Las Colinas.  Madeline and Emily went with Megan for the evening for a girls’ party night.  Francesca, Garrett and Clara came to our place for the night.

Dominica, Francesca and I were up till after midnight talking.  Boy was I ready for bed when I finally fell asleep!  I was exhausted.

Tomorrow Oreo will be coming home as well.  I am planning on sleeping in a bit tomorrow.  I am way behind on sleep.  Dominica had to drive a bit of the way today as I just could not keep myself awake on as little sleep as I have been getting.

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