August 8, 2010: Liesl Gets Her Own Bed

We managed to sleep in until eight thirty this morning.  Boy did I need that!

Once I was up and showered this morning I drove out to Panera and picked up breakfast for everyone.  After breakfast Francesca and I loaded her wash stand, which has been at our house the last couple weeks since we brought it down from New York, into her Sequoia so that she could take it back down to Houston with her.

Shortly after Francesca and the kids left the apartment, around a quarter to noon, Liesl went to bed and I hit the road to drive out to Fort Worth to pick up Oreo from his weekend vacation at Maggie’s house with the two pugs.  Unfortunately, on the way both to and from Maggie’s, I hit some serious construction and was stuck on the road for a very long time.  It more than doubled the amount of time necessary to drive between Irving and Fort Worth.

I hung out a Maggie’s for a little while, maybe as much as an hour.  We talked shop and I got to visit with the pugs.  We figured out that Maggie has the same furniture that we have.  She has the regular couch and love seat units that match our theatre seating exactly.  Very strange.

Dominica put Liesl’s bedroom together today.  Liesl’s crib, which had arrived from New York a few weeks ago but could not be assembled because Brian had been using the room and then Francesca, was converted into a toddler bed so that she can use it again.  She has not slept in it since her first birthday, or maybe earlier, back when we were living in New York in 2009.

I showed Liesl her old crib and asked her if she remembered it at all, but she said that she did not.  She thought that it was very cool having her own bed in her own room and got right onto it and checked it out and said that she was very excited but no memory of it from when we lived in New York.  That was eight months of her twenty month life ago so I guess that that is to be expected.

My plans for the afternoon, after a very long time of missing it, were to settle down on Liesl’s couch and play Oblivion.  We have the “old” Playstation 3, the one that we had in New York, hooked up as of last night in Liesl’s room.  The new one, the one that we bought in Texas, is still in the living room.  My Oblivion game was stored on the old PS3 which was in New York and then went to the Lake House for the family vacation and only just made it to our house to really use yesterday.  I am very excited.  It has just been forever since I had my game to play.  Having it is Liesl’s room means that I will not get to play it very often but maybe that is best anyway.

I loaded my saved game file and noticed that my last time playing the game was November 17, 2009.  Wow has it been a long time.  Nine months since I last got to play my game!  A few people recently had asked me how, with my busy schedule, I am able to play so many video games.  Um, what?  For nine months I haven’t even had the game which I was in the middle of playing!  I’ve been playing Oblivion as my main game since before Liesl was born!  I took a break to play Fable II and then went nine months without the console and I played Dragon Age: Origins in the mean time but three games in two years doesn’t seem like all that much to me!  Especially when Fable II is really short, DAO is moderately short and I am nowhere near halfway through Oblivion!

It was not solid play time but I did manage to squeeze in several hours on Oblivion.  I needed that.  I’ve been missing my game and the downtime that it provides for me.  I was so tired, though, that I had to drink several cups of coffee in the middle of the afternoon just to be able to keep playing without passing out on the couch.

It was great to get back into the game.  It took me a while to figure out where I was in it and to get back in to the swing of things.  I bought my second house in the game, in Skingrad, and completed several quests and kicked off my journey through the Arena.  I really appreciated having an afternoon to just veg for a little while.

Liesl spent much of the day just playing in her room while I played Oblivion.  Oreo snuggled on the couch next to me.  That left Dominica mostly alone in the living room to watch PlayOn on her own.

Once Liesl went to bed, Dominica and I watched some House Hunters International on HGTV via PlayOn for a little while before going to bed ourselves a little after eleven.

Liesl was excited about getting to sleep in her new bed.  She likes having her own room and she likes having a bed that is more her size and that is much lower to the floor.  We are hoping that this helps a lot with our sleep schedules as she has pretty much been stuck sleeping with us for the past nine months.  That makes it very hard for us to sleep when we want and means that I have a hard to managing to work in our bedroom after Liesl falls asleep as she is in there and I might wake her up.  Now I can spend the evening hanging out with her and when she falls asleep in her room I can move to the office in our own bedroom and get lots of stuff done at that point which is often when I want to be working anyway.  So this should be very good for us all around, I think.

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