September 1, 2010: Article on Managing IT Pros by Type

This morning Datamation published my article on The Differences Between Managing Engineers and Support Professionals, one of my article series on IT management that I write for them.

For some reason I was really exhausted today.  I ended up sleeping in late and then working from home for just a little big this morning before heading into the office.  I got in around nine thirty.

No interviews for me today so I am using the day to catch up on the “normal work” – ho hum.  Around ten thirty I ran out and picked up coffee for the team from Panera Bread.  Traditionally everyone on the team seems to drink Starbucks but since being down in Texas I have made several runs to Panera for their light roast, which is very different from what you get at Starbucks, and several hard core Starbucks fans have made a point of telling me how much they love Panera’s coffee, that they now drink it regularly and how it had never occurred to them to even try it previously.

I am always surprised because I think of Panera as a premier coffee destination (along with McDonald’s McCafe and Tim Horton’s) where most of my friends would choose to go for coffee naturally should they be out looking for some and not brewing their own at home.  With their free and easy to use WiFi Internet access, wide range of food options and casual atmosphere that makes reading and working easy to do I am surprised that more people do not use them all of the time.

This evening Dominica and I had originally planned to go to La Cima for pasta night but we were pretty worn out after I got home and decided against it.  We figured that it would be best to just stay in instead.

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