August 31, 2010: More Interviews & Dinner at La Cima

I can’t believe that August is over already.  This year has been flying past us.  We have now been in Texas for almost nine months which is very hard to believe.  We have been in Texas longer than we lived in North Brunswick, I think.  In several weeks we will have been in Texas as long as we were in Peekskill before finding out that we were moving to Texas!  Now that puts it into some perspective.

I was really tired this morning and overslept a bit.  It was a rush to get in to work today.  Today there were several more interviews in my week long interview marathon.

Not much news today.   Busy day but nothing too interesting.

I came home  a little early so that we could get up to La Cima for our dinner reservations.  Tonight is the last evening of August and we have to use our “Plus Membership Benefits” tonight or lose them.  We had a lot of benefits to use during the month of August and we were struggling to get up to the club enough to get all of our benefits!

Our reservations were for six which is perfect because it means that Liesl has only just woken up from her afternoon nap in time to go to dinner.  Liesl has been napping later and later recently and has shifted from napping during my lunch break to not going to sleep until after I normally would go back to work which is better for me getting to see her during the day and better for going out to dinner.

We had a good dinner tonight.  I opted for all kinds of food that I do not normally eat including salmon and cucumber tartar for my appetizer and the shrimp and crab cioppino for my main meal.  Very healthy.  The cioppino was a lobster broth and very tasty.  My father would love it, I think.

I was very wise tonight and got my dessert to go.  That made for a more appropriately sized meal for me.

Liesl did really well at dinner tonight too.  She is getting more and more mature and getting used to how to behave when she is at the club.  We have also learned more of what to feed her and how to pace the evening.  It is very encouraging to see how well she does eating in a fancy restaurant all of the time though.  It is very good training for her.

The cutest thing is to watch how well Liesl does with her napkin.  She keeps it in her lap just like she is supposed to do and after almost every bite of food she brings it up and wipes her mouth – just like an adult. She is so proper and elegant.  It is truly adorable.

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