September 14, 2010: Tech Execs

Today turned into a La Cima day for me.  Like yesterday, today was extremely busy at the office stemming from my doing training while trying to cover my usual workload while several people were out as well.  Wow was it busy.  By lunch I was seriously burned out.  I was just running from one thing to another all morning.

For lunch, we took our new trainees along with Nicki, Dan and I out to lunch at La Cima.  It was a late lunch for us today but a nice relaxing early afternoon at the club which is what was needed.

After lunch I went to the house for a little bit to see the family, walk Oreo, etc.  Then back to the office.

This evening, after I got out of work, I ran home to change and then was off to La Cima again, just a few hours after having left from lunch, for my second time attending Tech Execs which meets there every so often.

Brian and Maggie beat me to La Cima.  I got there and we had a drink while waiting for the party to heat up.

It took a while to get going but around seven or so the crowd picked up and it ended up being an interesting evening.  Not as many people attended this time.  Met some really cool people, though.

Six of us ended up sticking around for the happy hour to subside and then ordered dinner.  We had a nice time.  It was around ten thirty when I finally got back to the apartment.

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