September 15, 2010: More La Cima

Another really busy day at work.  I’m going to be ready to collapse by the time that this week is over.  It’s not bad at all, just really busy.  Actually I would say that the stress is lower just from the change of pace.  Very hard to keep up with my blogging though!

For lunch today Dominica and Liesl picked me up at work and we went to Einstein Brothers.  None of us had ever been to an Einstein Brothers before although I have their bagels at work fairly regularly.  We were really happy with our lunch.  It was very good.  It worked out really well that I got some time to just sit and spend real time with Liesl and Dominica since I was gone all day yesterday and will be gone tonight as well.

After work I raced home again, changed and was out the door.  Liesl and I are barely seeing each other this week.  That is not fun.

I was much later than planned getting up to La Cima for the Young Execs group.  They were already in full swing when I got there.  I only got about half an hour to hang out before the group broke with several people going home and the eight of us remaining going into the dinning room for pasta night.

We stayed pretty late tonight.  I would guess that it was almost eleven by the time that I got home.  Although I heard stories that the group went much, much later just two months ago.

It was a good evening.  But tiring.  Tomorrow is my “day off” from as much as possible.

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