September 19, 2010: House Hunting Begins

Today officially begins our process of looking for a house in the Metroplex.  We are very tired of living in an apartment, especially one where Oreo needs to go down a lot of stairs every time that he goes in or out.  We want a yard for Liesl too so that she can spend time outside. She loves being outside.

We had to be up pretty early this morning so that we could meet our real estate agent down at Waffle House at nine this morning.  We had breakfast and looked through the houses that we were interested in seeing today.

We had six houses on the docket for today’s looking.  One house, a foreclosure, we were not able to go see today and it was one that we were really interested in.  We never did find out why it was not available.

Overall the house hunting went pretty well.  We found a couple of acceptable houses and two that really stood out.  Unfortunately, from a decision making perspective, there are completely different making decision making that much harder.  One is a large house in one price range and the other is a much, much smaller house in a completely different price range.

Overall we were pretty encouraged by what we saw today.  We are looking in a very low price range so we were concerned that we would not be able to find anything that we would want to buy but there were definitely options after our first day.

This afternoon we got some time at the house.  Dominica and Liesl took a nap when we got home and I gave Oreo his bath.

I got a chance to play Oblivion a little this evening.  Not a lot of time but I am slowly making progress.  I manage to complete one or two quests each time that I play.  As of today I have almost exactly one hundred and fifty hours logged in the game.  I’m guessing that I have around fifty left to go but boy is it hard to gauge.  I am still finding new locations in the game on a regular basis!  I found at least five new places just today that I had never been.  Even having played for as long as I have there are massive swaths of wilderness that I have never yet explored or even visited.  There are places in the big cities that I have not seen yet too!  Truly a huge game.

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