September 18, 2010: Liesl the Stairmaster

I was up at six thirty this morning.  No days to sleep in this week for me.  Even tomorrow, Sunday, I have to be up at seven in order to get ready to meet with our rest estate agent to go look at houses around Irving.

All morning was spent working.  We went out for breakfast, got ready and as soon as we were clear this afternoon we drove out west to go to Dominica’s cousins to visit with the family for the afternoon.  I think that it was around three or so when we left Irving which is very early for us.  We almost never manage to go do anything that early in the day.

We had a really nice time visiting with everyone.  Liesl was especially excited to have access to stairs!  She spent the entire evening going up and down the stairs.  We taught her to hold on to the railing and to come down the stairs carefully.  She got a lot of stair training done tonight and wore us out because we had to stand at the bottom of the stairs for safety every time that she made a descent.  But she did very well and never really fell and only gave us one scare and Dominica was right with her at the time.

I got to play with an Apple iPad for the first time tonight.  I have to admit that contrary to my first opinions from seeing the details online, I really like it.  The screen is great and it is pretty easy to just pick up and use.  It was nice for checking the web and looking at houses on Zillow’s app.  I’ve heard from friends who have them that it is amazing for the first few days but gets old very quickly and you tend not to use it after a few days.  I feel like I would use it a lot, though.  I have so many times every day that I feel that I need something like that to make getting online less cumbersome for simple stuff.

We stayed down in Mansfield for dinner and hung out until it was way too late.  Liesl was tired and grumpy by the time that we went to leave.  But she did really well all evening while we were there.

We got home and put Liesl to bed. I fed and walked Oreo.  Then I stayed up watching Channel 9 MVC2 videos from Microsoft.  Tomorrow is our big house hunting day.

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