September 26, 2010: Back to Irving

During the night Emily was the next one to get the stomach bug from the party.  That is three people so far with three having been sick before.  So six already and most of the people at the party were not exposed until later (as far as we know) so the penetration rate might be very, very high by the time that all is said and done.  Dominica is guessing that very few people are making it to school on Monday morning.

I slept in as much as I could this morning.  My one chance to actually get some rest.  The whole morning was actually pretty relaxing.  I had no work scheduled until later on in the day so I was able to avoid being at the computer and working continuously all morning like often happens.

We were actually on the road by just after twelve thirty which is really good for us.  There is a big Cowboys versus Texans football game in Houston today so we are fearing getting stuck in the traffic should we take too long.  We were definitely in the pre-game traffic on Friday evening coming down to Houston.  Fortunately we knew about the game and are able to drive during it rather than after it.

The trip north went pretty quickly and we made good time back home.  We were only home for a little bit before we decided to go out to Las Nenas for Tex Mex for dinner.  We really enjoyed dinner the other night and really wanted to try the avocado enchiladas which are often a favourite of ours.  Dinner was excellent and I am already the Mayor of Las Nenas (yes, that is the Mayor of The Girls which is a bit strange to say) on Foursquare.

After we got home Liesl went to bed very early and Dominica and I watched the final two episodes of the fourth season of Doctor Who which have finally become available to watch instantly on Netflix.  Awesome episodes but so sad that David Tennant has given up his role as the doctor after just three seasons.

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