September 27, 2010: Liesl’s First Real Stomach Bug

Not long after we went to bed last night Dominica woke up with a start and said that Liesl was sick.  I had not heard anything which is amazing as normally it is me who hears Liesl and Dominica sleeps right through anything.  Liesl was indeed very sick.  This is her first real stomach bug and the first time that she has been sick at all in a very long time – long enough that I am sure that she does not remember ever having been sick previously.  It must have been quite a surprise for her.  She was very upset, as you would expect.

So we spent a good piece of the early part of the night cleaning up Liesl’s bed and giving Liesl a bath.  It was a huge mess and Dominica is pretty susceptible to other people being sick so it did nothing for her constitution either.

We put together a make-shift bed for Liesl and she eventually went back to sleep.  It is extra difficult for her to sleep as her Cheer Bear and her other motley assortment of bedtime friends were all a bit… in need of a cleaning – including Violet, her LeapFrog bedtime animal that sings her to sleep every night.  Not having her nighttime music had to break up the routine even further.

In the morning I emailed work to let them know that I was home taking care of the sick people.  By morning Dominica was sick as well.  So pretty much everyone has been affected except for me.  I almost never get sick so that is not really any surprise.

The weather was really cool today so we had opened the windows before going to bed last night and had them open all day today.  What a great change that was.  We haven’t had fresh air in the apartment for months.  I’m sure that the air conditioner enjoyed the holiday too.

One Friday we started the panic task of getting health insurance.  We have run into all kinds of snags with our insurance recently with Dominica’s COBRA having expired and having attempted to get private insurance as well as getting into the risk pool in Texas but nothing worked.  We kept getting told that everything would be fine and that we wouldn’t have any issues right up until Friday when we were denied insurance at the last possible second so that there was pretty much nothing that we could do to get anything else.  The health insurance system is definitely designed to create breaks in coverage no matter how hard you try to avoid them.  You are often forced out without any options and then everything is a pre-existing condition.

So all weekend we have been concerned about the state of our insurance and we worked on it more today.  We are hoping that my work insurance will still be able to cover us.  We are waiting to find out.  Not all of the paperwork that we have needed has come yet which is making things even worse.

Dominica pretty much slept the entire day.  I basically didn’t even get to see her at all.  Liesl was feeling a bit improved today but definitely not up to par.  With everyone sick and me working from home I was unable to go out to get the quarters necessary to allow us to do the much needed laundry either.  One more task for tomorrow.

We spoke to our real estate agent today.  The broker and seller for the house that we had tried to buy last week called again and sort of put in a counter offer.  Not really but it was more like one this time.  But the price range is still not something that we will entertain so they are just out of luck.  We’ve had time to think and that house just isn’t for us.  Too bad but they had their chance to unload it and they missed it.  We feel better not having gotten it.

So we did put in an offer on the less expensive house today.  Hopefully we will hear something sometime tomorrow although, as we have seen before, the “speed of Texas” is in effect and we will likely not hear anything until Wednesday at the earliest.

This evening Liesl went to bed very early and Dominica and I stayed up “late” watching Indoor Out on the DIY Network via Hulu.  We got some good ideas about using our outdoor space but mostly we got ideas of what not to do.

Today, Liesl turned twenty-two months old.

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