September 28, 2010: Getting Caught Up

The overall health of the family is much improved but not one hundred percent yet today.  Moving in the right direction.  I am still doing okay and not sick myself so it looks like I am probably out of the woods now.  Everyone slept in a bit this morning, though, just in case.

Work was surprisingly not too busy today.  I really needed that opportunity to catch back up after the last several days really wiped me out.  I like being busy but that is more than I can sustain for any long period of time – especially when we are in the midst of house hunting, being sick, traveling, dealing with insurance woes and everything else.

Andy and Miranda are officially Texans now!  They arrived sometime yesterday or today down in Round Rock!

Today was recovery day so I was out running errands when time allowed including going to the bank for quarters, hitting La Madeleine for lunch to bring home for everyone, getting some immunity boosting fruit from Jamba Juice, etc.  Plus lots and lots of work.

We managed to coordinate with our agent this evening and we out to Las Nenas to meet with her to get everything put in for the bid on the smaller house.  It was six thirty when we finally managed to make connections with her.

After dinner we hit Tom Thumb and CVS for basic errands while we were out.  We have been running low on supplies recently and needed to stock up on basics including components for Oreo’s dog food.  We will need to cook for him tomorrow.

I checked with Apple today and my iPod Touch 4th Generation 32GB that was supposed to take almost two weeks to get here has already shipped after I ordered it on Sunday night with engraving and it is due to arrive here yet this week!  It is literally faster as well as cheaper (I get a corporate discount) to buy an iPod from the Apple Store and get it engraved (I just had my name added to it in case it got lost) than to try to get it at the local store which I tried to do several times.  Very strange.

We got confirmation today that we really do have health insurance now.  Now we just have to pay $4,500 in premiums over the next four paychecks!!  Ouch.  Health insurance costs quite a bit more than many people earn.  How does that work?  If anything points to why American health care is all screwed up, this is it.  There is no way for normal people to afford healthcare.  You just pray that you end up in a situation where your job is able to get it for you.  They have managed to maneuver the healthcare system to be the biggest supporter of big business anywhere.  Only big business has the means to get healthcare coverage for employees and all people rely almost completely upon their employers for health insurance since individuals pretty much have no way to ever get it – no matter what the cost.  Very tricky system that they have there.  We’ve been dealing with this for months both on our own and using a broker that whole time too and there was almost nothing that we could do.

The evening was very short tonight.  Pretty much just got home, got Liesl into bed, did some laundry, and everyone but me went to bed.  Too much for me to do to just turn in.  I am playing catchup with everything since last week got me so far behind.

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