September 29, 2010: No Word on Second House

Managed to sleep in a little this morning.  Still wanting to make sure that I am totally rested to be as ready as possible to fight off the stomach bug that has been plaguing the family.  I am likely fine now; it has been long enough.  I don’t want to push my luck, though.  Once I start getting exhausted my schedule does not have very much time allotted for making up sleep so I need to be sure to stay rested.

I was up kind of late last night.  Was talking to some people in Australia, discussing Netgear’s latest ProSecure UTM50 product which looks awesome.  I really want one of those myself.

I was up until almost one in the morning.  It was good, though, as I was amazingly productive and managed to fight my inbox down to just nine items which feels great and I got completely caught up on SGL which is always a major challenge.  I also did that write up on testing the waters of IT that dad had requested.

The morning flew by at the office today.  Quite busy.  Not slammed or falling behind, just quite busy.  Makes the time just zip right by.

For lunch, Dominica had a hankering for Jamba Juice and we had a free Buy One, Get One Free coupon so that was a total score.  They make awesome, healthy stuff and it is a great source of fruit which we often struggle to get.

For lunch, Dominica felt like Jamba Juice so I walked there (yes, I walked to the office today) and picked up our lunch smoothies and then walked home.  Feels great to be out and walking again.  Boy have I missed that during the hot summer months.

After work this evening I went to La Cima with Watson for a “quick” dinner.  Dominica and Liesl did not feel up to going so the two of us just went and did our usual pasta and wine flights.  It was a good dinner.  We were not out late.  It was about eight thirty when I got back home.  Plenty of time to hang out with Dominica and Liesl for four hours before we all turned in for the night.

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