September 30, 2010: No House, Again

I had to be up extra early this morning.  I got up before six and was in the office before seven.  It has been rather a while since I have been in the office that early in the morning.  Surprising there were a couple of people who were in before me.

It was not a super busy day but there were issues needing my attention very early.  I went home for lunch around one and it turned out that FedEx and just beaten me there and my new Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation had arrived.  That is amazing since I only ordered it on Sunday night and I had opted to get it with engraving so it was supposed to take an additional three to five business days before shipping and here it is, only four days later, and I already have it in my hands.  Just three and a half days from the time that I ordered it, with engraving, on a Sunday.  Considering that these things are such a hot commodity that you pretty much cannot get one in a store, that is really amazing.

I got no time to play with my new toy, however, as I had to get back to work.  I only had, at most, five minutes to check it out before I had to get back to work because it takes forever to get it set up enough to even let you really turn it on the first time.

So we got work on the house this afternoon from our real estate agent.  The counter offer from the sellers is not good at all.  Basically, like the first sellers with whom we dealt, instead of coming back with a decent counter they just effectively repeated the asking price even though the market here has been hit pretty hard this month locally and the prices should be coming down a bit more.

So that means that we are not going to be dealing with that house any more either.  Dominica and I talked about it at length and the asking price for the house is just too high considering the scale of the work that we would have to put into it on day one.  Things like completely replacing the fence and gutting the entire kitchen are a bit much and we were only happy to do them if the house was cheap enough.

Now we get to start the process of looking for a house again.  Not fun.  House shopping is really not something that we enjoy.  But it is several months before we really want to close and houses close weeks faster in Texas than they do in New York so we might have been looking a little early anyway.

As soon as I got home we packed up and headed off to La Cima for our monthly membership dinner.  Normally we would not go on a Thursday night but we had our free meals to use so we had made reservations several days ago to be sure that we could get in and take advantage of them.

Watson was sitting at the bar when we arrived so he joined us for dinner.  I was in a “crabby” mood tonight and had the Maryland-style crabcakes as my starter, the corn and crab chowder instead of my salad course and for the main course had the crab-mandarin salad which I had never had before.  So every course (except dessert) was crab.

We were all pretty full and got our desserts to go which was much more responsible than we normally are.  Liesl did very well tonight.  The iPod was a hit when she was getting restless towards the end of dinner.  I was able to put on Dora the Explorer via Netflix streaming over the La Cima wireless and Liesl was completely entranced by the sudden appearance of her favourite show right in my hand.

We went home and pretty much were right off to bed.  Busy day tomorrow.

This weekend we have no plans, except possibly visiting a pumpkin patch with our little pumpkin.  She loves pumpkins and we think that she would really enjoy it.  She is the perfect age for that kind of stuff.

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