September 3, 2010: My Aunt and Cousin Come to Visit

As seems to always happen, my Friday morning conference call was canceled without any announcement.  It would be really handy to know these things before I plan my mornings around them.

This morning I worked from home.  Dominica had a doctor’s appointment to see about getting health care coverage so I stayed home to take care of Liesl.  We had a lot of good time to just hang out together.  It was nice being the stay at home parent for a change.

Dominica was starving when she got home from her physical so we went over to the club for lunch.  It is not very often that we are able to go to La Cima as a family so that was a really nice treat.  We made it just in time to be able to get the lunch buffet.  This was only Dominica’s second time being able to go for the buffet herself.  Liesl had a really good time.  She likes being able to get in, see everyone and eat quickly.  She also seems to like being there during daylight so that she can really see everything.

Liesl is really into spotting airplanes.  Living right by two airports gives her pretty much constant access to a sky full or jets taking off and landing.  Every time that we go for a walk she sees several and always points them out.  She gets very excited and can often see them before we do.  Up at the club she gets a really good view of them from very high up and loves to watch them from the windows.

Today was a very quiet day at the office with the long weekend coming up.  I didn’t get to leave early today, though, as I had a few items that lasted late into the evening.

Aunt Gayle and Gwen arrived around six or so.  I left the office when I could and met them out taking a walk.  I had been dropped off at the office after lunch so had no car and was on foot.  After I met up with them I took them down to the ponds on Las Colinas Boulevard and we took Boo Boo on a long walk down through there.  It was great weather for a long walk.

After our walk I took them back to the apartment which they had not been to yet.  We ordered in Chinese food for dinner and we put on the new Star Trek film tha twas recently released to Netflix On Demand.

Liesl slept in with us tonight.  She likes it when we have company because she gets to sleep in mommy and daddy’s room.  Oreo does not like that, though, because it means that he has to sleep at our feet or on the floor or else Liesl is liable to kick him during the night.

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